Internship Parameters

Who is the internship experience for?

The Internship Experience is ideally suited for college students who want to understand the inner workings of the church in order to determine if they might be interested in pursuing a career in ministry. However, the program is not limited to this type of applicant.

How much do interns make?

We pay $8 per hour.

How many hours per week do interns work?

They work 20 hours per week—usually Sunday and two weekdays.

Where can I work?

We need interns at each of our seven churches, as well as our central office.

  • Browns Bridge Church – North Cumming

  • Buckhead Church – Buckhead

  • Decatur City Church – Decatur

  • Gwinnett Church – Hamilton Mill

  • Gwinnett Church – Sugar Hill

  • North Point Community Church – Alpharetta

  • North Point Ministries – Alpharetta

  • Woodstock City Church – Woodstock 

Which environment can I apply for?

We need interns in every environment:

  • Waumba Land – Preschool (all locations)

  • UpStreet – Elementary school (all locations)

  • Transit – Middle school (all locations)

  • InsideOut – High school (all locations)

  • The Living Room – College (all locations)

  • Adult Groups (all locations)

  • Care Ministry – Counseling and support (all locations)

  • SPD – Production (all locations)

  • Media – Video/photo content (North Point Ministries only)

  • Global(x) – Mission trips (North Point Ministries only)

What will I learn?

The internship experience was created to help individuals discover if a career in ministry could be for them. It’s designed to make them more aware of their strengths, weaknesses, and identities. They get the opportunity to play a role in the weekly tasks required to make Sundays and events possible. They will be given leadership opportunities and will be personally developed through monthly trainings and one-on-one conversations with staff members. Our goal is that interns will develop a better understanding of what their next steps in life should be and will feel more equipped to take those steps.