What is unique about this program?

No other program in the country combines ministry experience with seminary education in the same way. We have partnered with DTS to write course material specific to your experience so that what you are learning is immediately applicable in your environment.

Talk money to me . . .

We want you to be prepared for ministry. Because of that, we are choosing to invest tens of thousands of dollars into each resident.

During your time with us, you will be paid $1,500 per month (pre-tax) over 22 months = $33,000.

We will also pay for half the seminary costs.

Each resident will also receive an Apple MacBook.

In total, we are investing $50,000+ into each resident to prepare you for vocational ministry.

So how much will seminary cost?

The master of arts in Christian Leadership degree from Dallas Theological Seminary costs approximately $44,000. We are committed to paying half of that for each resident in addition to their monthly salary. Therefore, each resident will be responsible for roughly $22,000.

What financial support is offered for the Residency Program?

As stated above, the Residency Program provides a scholarship that covers 50 percent of the tuition each semester, a $1,500 monthly stipend (pre-tax), and an Apple MacBook. Additional costs necessary for living expenses or tuition should be covered by the student. Financial aid options can be discussed with DTS. View our financial sheet (coming soon!) for approximate tuition costs by semester.

Who is the Residency Program for?

The Residency Program is best suited for recent college graduates who are committed to attending seminary and pursuing vocational ministry with their degrees.

How valuable will I be when I finish?

When you finish this program, you will have two years of work experience from North Point, your master of arts in Christian Leadership degree from Dallas Theological Seminary and will have been given opportunities to develop a plethora of skill sets ranging from speaking to leading one-on-one discussions to handling difficult conversations.

How long is the Residency Program?

Twenty-two months (i.e., August 2020 to May 2022)

How much time will it take each week?

Residents work 20 hours per week in one of the following areas:

  • Waumba Land: Preschool

  • UpStreet: K–5th Grades

  • Transit: 6th–8th Grades

  • InsideOut: 9th–12th Grades

  • The Living Room: College Students

  • Adult Ministries

Is the Residency Program limited to postgraduates?

Yes. The Residency Program requires a 4-year undergraduate degree.

How many people are accepted into the Residency Program?

We want the class sizes to be small and intimate—about 15 people are expected.

When does the Residency Program start?

The program begins every fall and follows the DTS Calendar. Applications for fall 2019 are being accepted and students should be ready to begin work at their North Point placement, have all funding in place for their tuition, and begin classes August 2019.

What are the dates I should be aware of with the Residency Program?

The Leadership Experience Residency Program follows the DTS calendar. Currently, applications are for fall 2019.

Where would I live?

Residents are responsible for finding your own housing.

Can I participate in the Residency Program if I’m in seminary at another institution?


Can I apply if I don’t live in the United States?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept international applicants at this time.

Can I do this program if I already have credit hours with DTS or another institution?

The Residency Program is tailored specifically for the Masters in Christian Leadership degree through DTS, where the students will receive credit for their North Point work and courses. Since it is a 22-month program and the students are in a cohort together, participation in this program would typically require you to have less than 15 hours of the introductory biblical and theological studies to align with the program. If you’re interested in pursuing your degree through DTS, we can explore your admission to the Residency Program based on your individual circumstances. You would be required to complete all the required Leadership Experience classes and work with DTS to manage the additional coursework needed for other programs.

Can I pursue a THM with the residency program?

Yes. However, you would be required to complete all Leadership Experience courses over the 22-month period. Additional courses can be taken in addition to the program or after the program is completed and will require working with DTS to manage the specifics on your coursework. Tuition for courses beyond the MACL offered through NPLE will be the responsibility of the student.

I’m interested! What’s the next step?

Take the quiz to see if you would be a good fit.

If I have more questions, who can I ask?

You can reach us at residency@northpointministries.net.

What does it look like to work at an NPM church?

North Point Ministries is comprised of eight different campuses in the greater Atlanta area:

  • North Point Community Church

  • Buckhead Church

  • Browns Bridge Church

  • Gwinnett Church Sugar Hill

  • Woodstock City Church

  • Decatur City Church

  • Gwinnett Church Hamilton Mill

  • North Point Ministries Central Office

You would work in the environment you are most interested in:

  • Waumba Land (Preschool)

  • UpStreet (Elementary School)

  • Transit (Middle School)

  • InsideOut (High School)

  • The Living Room (College)

  • Adult Ministries

    • Adult Groups

    • Care (Counseling, Advising, etc.)

    • SPD (Service Programming Department)

    • global(x) (Mission Trips)

    • Partners (Partner Church Network)

    • Media (Graphic Design, Film, etc.)